How Door Lock Monitoring Provides a Critical Safety Enhancement for Your Building

Door Lock Monitoring (DLM) is the essential safety upgrade your elevator system needs. DLM is a component upgrade to your existing elevator equipment. With DLM installed, the elevator cannot move unless the doors are locked in place and completely closed, preventing passengers from falling into the hoistway.

Key Functions:

  • Monitors door lock and car gate switch circuits for potential shorts and malfunctions
  • Detects door position accurately.
  • Prevents the car from operating when faults are detected.
  • Identifies failure modes, such as failed input relays and signals.
  • Provides real-time feedback and alerts to building personnel.
  • Prevents passengers from falling into the hoistway.

Many states like Florida and Georgia have already adopted ANSI A17.3, which is the code mandating door lock monitoring be installed on all elevator equipment.  Over time, all states will be required to install door lock monitoring on existing elevator equipment. To keep your elevators compliant, reach out to [email protected] to have our team ensure quality installation of a door lock monitor to your building’s elevators.