Now Introducing Safety Walk Observation Tool!

At Elevated, safety continues to be the foundation of everything we do. Greg Nagle, Dan Newlin, and our Ops team recently completed training of our best-in-class Safety Walk Observation (SWO) tool with direct front line leadership training classes. The utilization of this tool will help support the data driven training and development of our organization and will push us forward on our safety journey. Continuous education makes our team stronger, more prepared, and safer, which is why Elevated invests in rigorous training and state-of-the-art equipment, raising the standards for elevator technician safety.


MATT WATKINS: I really enjoyed the training session. The trainers did a very good job in facilitating the meeting. What I enjoyed most about it was it wasn’t simply them standing up there and speaking to the group. We could challenge some of the ideas. We could provide our own ideas on how we could improve the process or the tool.

DAN NEWLIN: The guys seemed to be very engaging and asking a lot of good questions, so I think it’s going to be a positive mark on our industry and what we do here.

GREG NAGLE: The trainings have been great. This is, I think, our sixth or seventh one, uh, very conversational, right? Not sort of a one-directional training. And we’ve received great feedback from the field. And going through this process, we’ve identified new opportunities on how to take our safety program to the next level.

SHAWN POMPA: They brought a lot of key points that are going to take our business to the next level.

MATT WATKINS: We know a lot more about what we’re supposed to be doing coming out of this meeting than we were going into it.